Spring Food

It’s what’s for dinner. A vegan gluten-free crust (not that I have a choice), Paul’s leeks and spring onions and a bag of last-year’s frozen spinach, sauteed with a little dried thyme and nutmeg. Then a couple of Jackie Aubin’s eggs and Gary’s Spring Hill Goat Cheddar from yesterday’s farmers’ market. Add a little ground lamb patties from Adam at Victorian Farmstead and you’ve got a wonderful local meal. We are sure lucky here in Sonoma County.

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Artist: painter, graphics, print and typography. Farm Fan: live on an organic produce farm, am dedicated to educating the public about the food they eat and what it takes to get it to their table. View all posts by candied

2 responses to “Spring Food

  • My Grandparent's Kitchen

    As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

    • candied

      Hi Joan, So do I! Wish I could eat butter but I somehow can’t anymore. I tried making ghee, simmering out and discarding the solids. I was tolerant, sort of. But my gut is better without, so I just make do with substitutions. I used coconut butter and oil which worked pretty well. It was tasty but broke up. Luckily no one cared!
      Love the spirit of your blog. I don’t have grandmother=food memories but food = love always.

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