What’s coming

This is what the beets look like, in the field, now.

Every Friday, at the Farmers’ Market I am asked when a certain, favorite vegetable will be ready. Beets were yesterday’s question of the day. I “guestamated” 2-3 weeks, judging by the way they look in the field, but without digging anything up.

Paul brought tempting this array of things to come, home last night. He figures small bunched beets might be ready in a couple weeks. We have both red and gold beets to look forward to. Cauliflower, fennel and red spring onions will likely be on next week’s stand!

It would be nice to get a little heat to push the summer crops along, but until then, we’ll enjoy the greens that are truly flourishing.

Thanks so much to all those that are signed up for our new CSA. We are very excited about this new way to reach out with our produce and to make the valley even healthier.

About candied

Artist: painter, graphics, print and typography. Farm Fan: live on an organic produce farm, am dedicated to educating the public about the food they eat and what it takes to get it to their table. View all posts by candied

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