Late Spring

As the weather makes a shift, the farm is prepared. All the covers will come off the field crops in the next few days as 90 degree days are predicted next week. Finally!

This box has spinach, salad mix, arugula, a bag of oregano, a head of sangria (red butter lettuce), carrots, turnips, radishes, sugar snap peas, and a bunch of lacinato kale. So spring!

Our CSA started today and we are thrilled to try this new way to sell our vegetables. Most of our current members are familiar to me, but a “Farmers Choice” box of whatever is ready to pick up once a week will beautifully fit into households that want excellent, safe produce but have time constraints and are unable to attend either of our farmers’ markets. Those folks will find us. If you know anyone that might want such a box, let us know. e-mail:

Austin, Silvano and Servando pick lettuce, beyond the broccoli.

The basil is still under covers.

Fat fennel

Cherry tomatoes are flying along, in the greenhouse.

Basil in the greenhouse will be planted soon.

Paul works on a wheel hoe.

These English peas make for easy picking.

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