New field

Paul has been prepping the new fields and likes what he sees. At least half of the ground appears to be rock-free. That gives him many more planting options down the road, including lettuce which wants the smoothest of soils.

Keep in mind, these soils have had nothing intentionally grown in them for as long as we know, at least 20 years. Here he is irrigating half the field overnight. The water ran for 11 hours with a number of goals. One obvious result is that the multitude of grass and other weed seeds that are in the right strata of the soil, will germinate. Another consequence of the long irrigation is the ground will “settle”, alerting us to structure issues. It will also hopefully wake-up the micro-organisms, so important in our system.

Red lettuce, beets, parsnips (on the right side of the sprinkler line) and greens

This photo shows an interesting truth concerning timing. We see left to right, lettuce, several varieties of beets, parsnips and, on the far right, collard. And they were all planted from seed on the same day! Beets are ready to pick and the parsnips are just one inch tall. I’m sure looking forward to the parsnips which need more than a month until harvest.

Next carrots

We’ve sold all the large carrots. These are very small but big enough to start picking.

The greenhouse with the cherry tomatoes coming out the top, marigolds showing through and intriguing tools upfront.

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