Coming Down

The row of eucalyptus trees which had, in many ways, defined our fields, have grown past their friendly loveliness into a messy, light-blocking hindrance. When Paul first began farming this land, over 20 years ago, they created a barrier, hiding the Shamrock Cement Plant and a fence line for the horses that lived on the other side. Quietly, they have grown in stature and breadth. The beds nearest the Eucs, have the finest soils on the property, capable of growing anything we choose. And the afternoon shade afforded because of the bordering eucalyptus has been occasionally helpful. But the debris dropped on the beds of head lettuce or chard has been discoloring and rotting leaves, making the crop un-sellable, un-useable.

So it’s with mixed emotions these 40+ trees are being pulled down. But in the long run, it’s a good thing. We have a better view of the beautiful valley oaks and Sonoma Mountain. It must be time to paint another Paul’s Produce sign as the one from last year featured the eucs.

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