Moving to the Farm

It’s been “in the future” for a very long time. But now is the time we are moving from a lovely little house in Glen Ellen, provided to us while we worked at Oak Hill Farm. We’ve been here for more than 10 years.

It’s a small house and as our lives together gained momentum, we found the need to spread, to build shelves and made adjustments that pleased us organizationally and visually. The garden came together with little art vignettes scattered about.

Moving triggers memories. Choosing what is important to bring with us, what should stay here and what has passed it’s prime is quite interesting. Then we see if we agree(!), maybe the most revealing part of this process.

Yesterday we moved the outdoor items.

We’ll begin to move into our new home, right in the middle of the land we are farming, next weekend. And we couldn’t be more excited! It truly feels like a new beginning.

Did I mention, we got married? We did on, April 1, no foolin’. 😉

This is the rather large fenced in "yard" behind the house we are moving into. All our largest garden furniture is lined up along the fence. There is an apple tree, in full bloom right now, to welcome us. Plenty of room for improvement!

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Artist: painter, graphics, print and typography. Farm Fan: live on an organic produce farm, am dedicated to educating the public about the food they eat and what it takes to get it to their table. View all posts by candied

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