Raspberry Update

I met someone that doesn’t like raspberries. Once. She is perfectly normal in all other ways that I know of. But quite unique as she’s my first non-raspberry fan.

We grow lots of raspberries. We rarely have any left over after a market. Though they don’t need much attention to grow, they take much more time to pick than probably any other crop we grow. Most of the rows of raspberries are mowed to the ground in the winter. They begin to regrow in spring and they are more than chest-high now, filled with flowers and buzzing with bees. The first fruit is set.

Last fall we divided the raspberries and grew them up in the greenhouse.

The raspberry field before crushing.

The raspberry field was one of rockiest spots on the farm. Paul ran (well, maybe crawled would be a more descriptive verb) through with the “rock crusher” and really transformed the ground. New rows were planted several weeks ago, next to the current crop. And they are growing fast.

My mouth is watering already. Raspberries are an amazing, potent fruit, for most of us.

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