It’s Perfect Today

There air is cool and the breeze hit you just enough to stimulate your skin. The insects are everywhere, a haze in the early air.

Paul is tilling in kale and fennel. It smells of dirt, anise and minerals as he passes. The crew of three is cleaning rows of parsley with hula-hoes. Certain times of the year, it seems very difficult to keep up with the weeds. Saturday is a shorter day for the crew. The energy this morning is active and soft.

These beds were seeded with beans yesterday. Notice the even footprints between the tractor tire tracks. The sure sign that a push-seeder and the pusher has just passed! Artichokes are watered in the far bed.

The new Farm Stand guardian ‘-)

Roadside Farm Stand site

Plans continue with our Roadside Farm Stand. Most of the rows of flowers and vegetables to decorate the parking lot, are up and pushing. There has been some deer damage! And as I walked up to take this picture, I disrupted a flock of crows, maybe 10, from pulling up some (sunflower?) sprouts.

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2 responses to “It’s Perfect Today

  • joan voight

    Great news about the farm stand. We need to drive out to take a look when it is ready.
    Also, Candi have you heard of “Dinners on the Farm” It is happening in Napa and back east–at $125-$130 a person.
    You could have BBQs on the farm for working folks. Guests bring favorite wine and less than $100 per person.

    • candied

      Yes, Joanie, we are very excited about the farm stand opening. We are waiting until we are sure we can keep it stocked up without “shorting” a farmers’ market or the restaurant accounts. The fine art of juggling!
      And yes, the Farm to Table dinners are such a great idea. We’d love to host one and we are positioned better than ever. We need to have landlord approval and we are moving ahead carefully on that front. Maybe next year, or maybe we could have some trial runs with friends first…;-)

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