Is this summer?

tomato planting 2_4_1It’s pretty warm today, mid-80s and the crew is planting tomatoes. Sounds like summer to me.

The busy front field has been prepped with compost. It lay fallow about a month, after crops of brussels sprouts, dandelion, kales and collard were mowed. The previous crops were digested well enough to plant today, about 1600 plants, early girls and the heirlooms, 11 varieties in all. This is the second planting for the early girls.

greenhouse_1_1leek bolts_2_1Now, the large greenhouse becomes a shade house.

The leeks are beginning to bolt. The need to be harvested soon.

We have some new residence, in a most honorable spot under the Mother Oak tree. They seem in great spirits with flowers in every direction.

New hives! Thank you, Serge.

New hives! Thank you, Serge.

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