The small greenhouse appears to float…


Water flows toward the lowest part of the farm.


Yes, it’s a gully washer. Glad the crew was able to get most everything picked yesterday. Today they pack things into boxes to get ready for deliveries to local restaurants tomorrow. And for the farmers’ market tomorrow morning. The market should be very interesting, with lots of stories to share.

As the crew packed, Paul went out to the fields to check the ditches, the tarps and the general water flow throughout the farm. And he happened to be there as a wave of water washed through his shop and across and under the greenhouse tarps. Up the creek he discovered lots of trash trapped against a bridge causing the water to spread out and overflow the creek bed.

It’s let up some now and I admit to waiting until it slowed to take the photos below. The first two in this post were taken by Paul while the water was at it’s highest. It’s reassuring to see how quickly the water recedes.


Also looking toward the low end of the farm, about 30 minutes later.


A creek ran through the farm until a few years ago. This is where it ran.


The culverts are big enough.


This is the lowest bed on the farm. Yesterday’s chicory harvest in stark contrast to the flow of water.

IMG_0186 IMG_0179

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