Rain Damage

California has had a bunch of rain this month. And it’s taken a toll on our fields, especially the artichokes. Wet soil and wind combined to flatten many of the tall, in-full-production, gorgeous plants. I guess the weeds, mud compaction and cold hands are a small price to pay for the groundwater recharge. Onward!


Artichokes blown down


Flowering kale


Hopefully this lettuce will recover when the sun comes out.


Paul’s shop has gotten more attention because of the rain. It shows in the organization here.


Asparagus is coming. Must be spring!


We are rich in cabbage, just in time for St. Patrick’s day!


These brussels sprouts are about done. They look crazy at this stage, like a big Dr. Seuss flower.

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Artist: painter, graphics, print and typography. Farm Fan: live on an organic produce farm, am dedicated to educating the public about the food they eat and what it takes to get it to their table. View all posts by candied

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