About Us

Hi Farm Lovers.

The reason for this blog is to inform. Inform about food, farming and land. I aim to take some of the romance out, and put the dirt and sweat, back in.

I live with a farmer. Paul Wirtz has been growing a diversified cropping of produce, including a full salad mix, for 24 years in Sonoma, California. He’s always farmed following organic standards on leased land. For the past 10 years Paul signed on as “production manager” for Oak Hill Farm. Now, we are farming on almost 10 leased acres, land Paul has been working for almost 20 years. I’ve known him for 10 years, lived with him for 9 and learned about what it takes to have “farm” in your blood.

The posts will mostly come from me. Paul just doesn’t have time to do this. In case of technical details, I will run words by him before posting. Otherwise, you’ll read my impressions and observations. And who am I?

My name is Candi Edmondson and I sell our produce at the local farmers’ markets, once or twice-a-week, depending on the season. I also call local chefs to find out what they would like us to deliver to their restaurants. I pay the bills and do the banking. And I will be the farm’s voice. Another hat I like to wear is that of a painter. See my blog at: http://candieded.wordpress.com/

Topics I want to discuss:

What does it take to be a farmer?

Farming and Politics

What are the economics of farming?

Organic vs. Local

What is in season and

How to use it

Love to have your feedback!

17 responses to “About Us

  • Kory Brockman

    Hi Paul – WOW – you’ve got alot going on on your 10 acres. This is pretty cool, and
    I signed up to receive posts when posted. Good chatting w/ you today – still want to roll
    in some day on the motorcycle to say hi. Stay in touch broseph.



    • candied

      Yeh, good to finally touch base. What is a broseph? I’m older and out of touch with some stuff. It’s great that you are so into motorcycles. I got on one about 5 years ago and it felt so dangerous that I decided not to buy it. We change, but as long as we’re upright we’ll keep trying new stuff.
      I’m so glad that you are ok and that your family is in tact.
      Love to all,Paul

      • Kory Brockman

        Paul – sorry to pick up your reply 9 months late! To answer your question…

        Broseph: A combination of the word “brother”, or in abbrev. form “bro”, with any word that initially rhymes with “bro”. Example: Joseph and Bro = Broseph. Potato and
        Bro = Brotato. Origin: Great Lakes surfing lingo (MI west coast region), used as a friendly saluation when communicating with
        one who is considered a brother.

  • Elena kaiser

    I knew Paul in Madison and visited him last when I was pregnant with our son who is 21
    Paul the handy man and artist
    Hopefully we can visit someday
    Great local food here from wi and mi!!!

    • candied

      hey Lena, how did you happen upon our site? Nice of you to respond. I wonder how you are doing in Chicago. Of course it’s like forever ago when I lived there but from time to time I meet someone from Chicago and I’m surprised how much I remember about my time there. The world is surely different now huh? Robin is a more distant memory than Chicago even. After many years of close friendship with Sarkis, he also wants nothing to do with me. I can’t figure it out really but maybe it’s not to be figured out. I love my life here. I work hard, sleep hard, do Tai Chi, live day to day mostly. How about you? Are you doing art? I remember painting your parents dining room and you brother whos name escapes me.
      Nice to know you’re still out there. Do give a call if you’re out here. Tell Steve I said Hi

  • Jennie

    I just heard that your farm stand is open on Saturdays 9-1. Where is it??

    • candied

      Hi Jennie,
      The farm stand is at the farm site; 19655 Arnold Drive just southwest of the town of Sonoma. We had a great first day and expect it to grow. Thanks for asking.

  • Wendy Mills

    Hey Paul,
    Glad to see you’re doing so well. The farm looks exquisite…and large! I’m glad you’ve got a partner in life…and such a talented writer and painter. Mark and I think of you and wish you all the best. Wendy

  • Clayton D.

    On Hulu ..I just watched the film about Austin and Casey on your farm… Such an inspiring story ..just wish ..I lived closer to buy your produce and help out. I know it can be challenging but what you all are doing is really important!! the most important!! Best wishes and success!! cd

    • candied

      Thank you Clayton.
      Yes, Casey’s film, The Organic Life, is about Austin her beau who works here, at Paul’s Produce. The film is a glimpse into their lives and their relationship with farming.
      I couldn’t agree with you more, this is important work. That’s why I’m here!

  • joe

    please add more information to your site on how citizens/neighbors can support you. do you have subscription delivery service? can we visit to help you harvest? do you have an abundance of seasonal crops that you are unable to find a market?

    • candied

      Hi Joe,
      Thank you for your comment. We are so well supported by our Farmers’ Market customers, restaurants and winter CSA members that it hasn’t occurred to me that some might need more information. We do have a small winter-only, CSA. No delivery, members pick up here. E-mail if you want more information than you can gather through the above tabs or to sign up. We do not allow the public to help with harvests. And thankfully, we are selling almost all we grow. We sell at two farmers’ markets in Sonoma and have a summer stand, open on Saturday mornings, at the farm.
      Thanks so much for your interest!

  • Andrea

    Wow! What a wonderful blog and beautiful farm! Such an incredible contribution to a delicious and nutritious food source. Keep up the awesome! 🙂

    I write for Kentucky Gardener Magazine and came across your photos of Brussels Sprouts in looking for pics for a last minute piece they requested I write. Would you be willing to grant permission for pics of your Brussels sprouts harvest to be featured in the next issue, with proper credit to you and your blog of course!

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts! 🙂

  • Andrea

    Why yes, of course! Could you send your mailing address and email address to me at andrea@homegrownjubilee.com
    I may need to get full file size of the pics I would like to feature. Many thanks!

  • basha cohen

    Hello, I am one of your regular customers. I wonder if you will be providing produce in a CSA type way – Where we could drive by and pick up a box or bag of produce without having to go to farmers market?

    Thank you,


    • candied

      Hi Basha,
      Finally getting back to you. I haven’t worked on the blog for 4 years now and I had to figure out where to go and how to reply to you. Friday we did put together boxes for those that wanted to just pay without waiting in line. We will do the same next week. Trying to figure out how to best serve everyone.

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