Food for thought

Love to spark an on-going conversation with the world about the politics of food. If a question strikes a chord, please comment. We will all learn.

Let’s start with this one:

The average household these days spends around 9.5% on food. In 1929, according to the USDA, food accounted for 23.4% of household expenditures. Do you know what percentage of household income you spend on food? What would you give up to get back to say, 20%?

2 responses to “Food for thought

  • nixchix

    What about my Cheetos for dinner?!!!
    good job on the blog. It’s a good way to see whats happening during the busy season. I think that machine that paul is building is a top o’ the line counterfeit press. Local, sustainable, organic….money! I seriously need to borrow that soon.

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