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Picking Peas

IMG_3427_1_1We’re pretending it’s Easter today. We have spent Easter with my parents for years. My mom loves to decorate her house with a fabulous collection of baskets and eggs, chickens and rabbits, tucked into sweet, surprising corners of their lovely house. But my mom is not up to it this year, recovering from some surgery and we are making due on our own.

Our household includes my son Quinten, who has recently moved into our house. He’s been invaluable, helping with anything and everything, cooking, picking, packing and selling. We are so glad to have him share our lives.

IMG_3433_2_1I decided to have peas with the rest of the meal. We sold all that were picked yesterday at the farmers’ market, so I took the opportunity to pick them myself. I must preface this with I don’t do any of the field work for mostly practical reasons. But I love to do it. The peas were loaded with flowers and pods. Quite quickly I narrowed my focus to concentrate on the subtle color shifts and spot the peas of appropriate size. The colors are beautiful and I tried to imagine how to paint such a jumble, without any clear focus or line-of-sight. Could it be just an abstract pattern? And years ago I began a needlepoint pillow blocked in by the quite famous textile man Kaffe Fassett. It’s almost done, as you can see, folded up waiting for me to have the patience to make it into a pillow. IMG_3447_4_1I think I started it in 1990. I’ll stick with less complexity for my paintings, at least for now.

Picking peas was very meditative and internal. The birds were whistling and screeching. I heard small motors and insects. But as I got toward the end of the row the sound of cars whizzing by on Arnold Drive, over arched most everything else. I wanted to turn around…maybe I had enough? Well, that could be what the crew thinks too because at the end of the row, I IMG_3445_3_1found a bonanza of perfect peas. I picked more from that 2 feet at the end of the row than on the rest of the shoulder-height 200′ row.

We’ll have another “Easter” when my mom is ready. Pretend Easter is a good idea. Now we have Sunday to celebrate our almost anniversary!

The asparagus is right next to the peas. Two rows of have just been set as the rest of the field goes to frond.

The asparagus is right next to the peas. Two rows of have just been set as the rest of the field goes to frond.

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