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All of a sudden, it’s gotten warm, hot even, in the 90s today. Even the evenings are pleasant, in the high 60s. Last night’s farmers’ market was packed with the community, out enjoying the music and food after a very long, wet and cool spring. The soil is now warm deeper than 2 inches which will finally give the summer crops the push for which they have been waiting. Paul even brought home a few padron peppers last night, off a dying plant which struggled to set a little fruit. Even so, it was great to see the first ones and my mouth waters for the little devils, still at least a month away from market.

But we do have a new crop of carrots and beautiful red beets (gold coming maybe next week). I’m often asked about the beet greens. Sometimes we take the beets to market bunched with the greens. Most of the year, they are clipped and sold individually, by the pound. Some people beg for the greens. Others want them clipped off. They are tasty and quite good for our bodies, similar to spinach in taste and nutrition. We bring them to market when they look good, which is to say, once it warms up, the leaf miners will begin to nibble little holes through and through. They are also much easier to handle without the greens and require more careful washing. So enjoy them while they are here. The greens from the gold beets are especially delicious.

Nothing quite beats the heat like a nibble of Kimchi. I have a batch I just put up tonight. I’m dying to try the recipe from Dr. Ben Kim at http://drbenkim.com/recipes-kim-chi.htm. And the napa cabbage is perfect too.

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