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Raspberry Update

I met someone that doesn’t like raspberries. Once. She is perfectly normal in all other ways that I know of. But quite unique as she’s my first non-raspberry fan.

We grow lots of raspberries. We rarely have any left over after a market. Though they don’t need much attention to grow, they take much more time to pick than probably any other crop we grow. Most of the rows of raspberries are mowed to the ground in the winter. They begin to regrow in spring and they are more than chest-high now, filled with flowers and buzzing with bees. The first fruit is set.

Last fall we divided the raspberries and grew them up in the greenhouse.

The raspberry field before crushing.

The raspberry field was one of rockiest spots on the farm. Paul ran (well, maybe crawled would be a more descriptive verb) through with the “rock crusher” and really transformed the ground. New rows were planted several weeks ago, next to the current crop. And they are growing fast.

My mouth is watering already. Raspberries are an amazing, potent fruit, for most of us.


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Rock On


Paul’s Produce is rockin’. There are routines. The field crew addresses cultivating, picking and packing. My schedule involves sales calls, pick lists, preparing the CSA newsletter and restaurant availability sheet, farmers’ markets, preparing invoices and banking. Paul’s days are the most varied. He does most of the seeding, directs the crew, does all of the irrigation, maintains the trucks, tractors and many other tools, orders seed, boxes and such a variety of miscellaneous items I can’t list them. And after dinner he tends to peruse Craig’s List for “things that could be useful”.

One such item that turned up last week was this rock sifter. It needs some tweaking, but we have a lot of rock in much of the ground we are farming. It is set up to sift the rocks from our compost. The spreader that Paul made this spring has trouble handling wet compost and compost with rocks.

Given the right conditions, this one-bed compost spreader works beautifully.

More rain?

How could this be? Predicting 2″ for the weekend? Will summer crops ever come? One thing’s for sure, they will be late.

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Springing Along

The zucchini is just about perfect for transplanting.

In the summer, the greenhouses will be covered in shadecloth.

Let the sun shine down!

Almost flawless germination on both gold and red beets!

It’s happening. We are steadily closing in on summer. Zucchini, basil, peppers and eggplant are ready for transplanting but will be held for another week or two, for the soil to warm further. The plastic is off the large greenhouse now. The tomatoes in the field are uncovered as well. We brought the first 100 bunches of carrots to the market Friday, beginning another long run of tasty, crunchy roots. And the stand of beets is remarkably uniform; even Paul thinks so!

The raspberries in the foreground have been in the ground for several years. The newer varieties, beyond, are just beginning to fill in.

Other changes show in the raspberries. They are really pushing now, beginning to flower and set fruit. We have a couple new improved varieties this year, a yellow type and a firmer, not so perishable red variety. The older variety will come first, probably still 3-4 weeks away, a late start because of the weather.

These implements are at the ready, a "cultivation toolchest".

But right now, the farm is so photogenic, so beautiful and brimming with promise, it is hard feel anything but joy and awe. The way the tools are stacked and stored, the rows of lettuces and the wind whipped cloud shadows on the hillsides make me incredibly grateful.

Lettuce stripes are hard for my eye to resist.

Easter Tour

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Raspberries Blast

This prickly carpet of raspberry leaves, between their currently unnecessary trellis posts, is smothering weeds and pushing back the grasses. The magenta jewels are not expected until well into June, but my mouth can pucker up with anticipation just looking at these healthy and happy canes.

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